Fretworks - Acoustic & Electric Guitars

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Fret-end Filing

Re-bevel and remove all sharp fret-ends: $50.00


Leveling, recrowning and polishing of the frets. Improves action and minimizes fret buzz. 


Partial Refret

Replacing troublesome or damaged frets with new standard nickel-silver frets. Includes leveling, crowning and polishing of new frets. 

$30.00 for the first fret and $25.00 for each additional fret.

Complete Refret

Complete fret replacement with new standard nickel-silver frets. Includes fingerboard and fret leveling, crowning, and polishing. 

Guitar starting @ $250.00

Bass - 4 string @ $275.00  add $25.00 for each additional string

Additional Fees

* Stainless steel and gold fret wires, add $100.00 

* Dunlop 6000 fret wires, add $50.00 

* Custom made bone nut $75.00, corian/tusq nut $50.00


Cash or check only.