Guitar Frets, Refrets, and Repair & Vacuum Tube Bias Probe Tools

Colorado Springs' guitar repair and refret services.  Custom crafted vacuum tube bias probe tools



Guitar refret and fretwork, electronics work and repair

Located in Colorado Springs, CO. Specializing in guitar, bass, and other fretted instruments fretwork, and general repairs.  

All work is performed on the premises by a professional guitarist/luthier who knows frets, with a background in fretwork since 1992.  

All fretwork is tailored to the individual player.  Quick turnaround time and high-quality workmanship at the lowest price guaranteed.  I have no overhead so I'm passing you the savings.  

My hours can be flexible 7 days a week to accommodate your schedules.  Please email me to schedule an appointment.

Bias Probes

BiasPro tube bias tool, bias probe, biasing tool

 Are you a tone freak and wanting to bias your own tube amps?  It’s critical to have the power tubes biased properly for the amps to sound their best, and the tubes will last for decades.

BiasPro tube bias probes, purchased and used by musicians, guitar & amp techs, amp and vintage audio hi-fi service centers, and music stores world wide.

Users include Hadley Hockensmith of Neil Diamond Band, Ron Freschi of Babylon A. D., Larry Rodgers of Rodgers Amplifiers, Evan Bovee, guitar tech for 3 Doors Down and Miley Cirus, and Paul Karoutas, guitar tech for Cheap Trick and Ted Nugent.

Check out a user’s post on a blog.  Awesome is the only word to describe...

About Me


I’m a professional guitarist, a luthier, and an electrical engineer.  I own several vintage guitar amplifiers that I love and maintain.

I designed several BiasPro bias probe tool product lines that are safest and easiest, and allow anyone to perform biasing of their amps. 

Asharp Fretworks is an one-man band, and I'm seldom able to take calls.  Please email me first via "Contact Me" below, and I will reply promptly.  I will provide you with my phone number if need to be.  Thank you.  Ken Koga

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Contact me via email first please

Please email me via the "Send Message" button below or directly to asharpfretworks@gmail

Asharp Fretworks

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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