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Colorado Springs, CO : 719-600-1862 : email -

Located in Colorado Springs, CO. Specializing in guitar, bass, and other fretted instruments fretwork, and general repairs.  All work is performed on the premises by a professional guitarist/luthier who knows frets, with a background in fretwork since 1992.  All fretwork is tailored to the individual player.  Quick turnaround time and high-quality workmanship at the lowest price guaranteed.  I have no overhead so I'm passing you the savings.  My hours can be flexible 7 days a week to accommodate your schedules.  Call or email me to schedule an appointment. -  Ken Koga

Fretdress - Leveling, recrowning and polishing of the frets.  Improves action and minimizes fret buzz.  $100.00

Fret-end Filing
- Re-bevel and remove all sharp fret-ends $40.00

Partial Refret
- Replacing troublesome or damaged frets with new ones.  Includes leveling, crowning and polishing of new frets.  $30.00 for the first fret and $10.00 for each additional fret.

Complete Refret
- Complete replacement of all frets with new ones.  Includes fingerboard and fret leveling, crowning, and polishing of frets. It often requires replacement of existing nut due to the new fret heights.  Guitar starting @ $225.00, Bass starting @ $250.00

       Additional fee at the time of complete refret:
           * Stainless steel and gold fret wires $40.00
           * Dunlop 6000 fret wires $20.00
           * New custom made bone nut $30.00
corian/tusq nut $25.00

Cash, Money Order, and personal check.  The personal check takes five business days to clear.